Hello Mister Picasso!

We are ArtCrafters. We are global Arts and Crafts marketplace, based in Dubai of UAE. We put our artistic minds together and thought about a way to showcase handmade art. What better way to promote, show and auction pieces of art than an online marketplace? With shopping shifting from trolleys to laptops and smartphones, an aesthetic online market was also needed. When you can buy everything from clothes to your house online, why not handmade art? This was our motive. This was our inspiration. We do not want handmade art to die which is why we showcase it.

If you’re looking to buy or sell handmade artworks ArtCrafters is the right place to do it. Art today has been believed to shift to computers as we are in the “electronic” era. This is not true! Art by hand is still there. There’s just no proper commercialization for it. One of the greatest hurdles is the absence of an online market. When one can buy everything online why go out for handmade art? When everything’s coming to your doorstep why can’t handmade art come that way? Now it can! We have every type of handmade artwork that suits you. We aim the restless beings for art. We aim to transfer excellence to the houses of those who crave for.

Looking to sell? Contact us. We have the most “artistic” people. We talk art. You talk art. Let’s make the whole world talk art! With this market we may be able to bring handmade art back to its rightful place even in this age. Arts and Crafts were always alive and always will be. Come to us and we won’t disappoint you.